If you are someone who wears contacts regularly, you most likely know the importance of a fantastic, affordable contact solution. So, what is the best contact solution for the job?

We are going to be looking at the best possible options that you can purchase for under $20 a bottle. There are some solutions that will cost you quite a bit more, but understandably keeping the cost under that amount makes it much more affordable. We will be discussing why these are our favorites and what each product does for you so you know which one will be best.

Let’s get started with how we choose our favorite contact solutions.

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How We Choose Our Ratings

It is very important to us that we are ensuring our reviews are honest and accurate. To do this, we take a few additional steps in our research to make sure it is completely thorough and correct.

We make sure to read and research online customer reviews and testimonials. This allows us to get a broader view of what the general public thinks of the product in question. It also gives us insight on any widespread issues or complaints that might not show up anywhere else. We are also able to gather quite a few pros and cons from other customer reviews as well.

We also make sure to thoroughly research the product specifications. By doing this, we are ensuring that if any of our readers buy the product we are reviewing, they know exactly what they are getting. There won’t be any surprises and/or confusion when receiving the item in the mail. This also allows us to identify any potential drawbacks that the product may have as well.

Lastly, we make sure to research the company that makes the items thoroughly. It is important to most customers that they are purchasing products from businesses that they can trust and stand behind. This also gives us insight on a company’s customer service policies, as well as their warranty and return policies.

For this particular list of the best contact solutions, we are going to be considering a few specific qualities. Pricing, overall quality, performance, and uses are all aspects we will be considering.

​Best Contact Solution

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Our first option is the Bausch and Lomb BioTrue Multi Purpose Solution for Soft Contact Lenses. We love this product because it is pH balanced to be just like your own natural tears. This means it is the perfect choice for people who have dry and/or sensitive eyes.

The only complaint that we have seen from reviews online is that some people experienced dry spots on their lenses during storage. This is a fairly small complaint that comes up, and most people have mentioned that they don’t experience that. It is something to keep in mind.

Next up we have the Aquify Multi Purpose Solution for Soft Contact Lenses, which is a great choice for people using contact lenses on the go.

If you are someone who does not have the time to soak your lenses for between 4-6 hours, this is definitely the best option for you.

With this product, all you have to do is rub and rinse your lenses in the solution, allow them to soak for five minutes, and then you can feel free to wear them again. It is comfortable, does not cause any irritation, and is incredibly affordable.

This set comes with a one 12 ounce bottle, one 3 ounce travel-sized bottle, and a free lens case.

Our next best contact solution is the Opti-Free Replenish Multi Purpose Disinfection Solution. We love this because it’s incredibly convenient. The protein removers work extremely well without you having to rub at all so you can just soak your lenses in this overnight and be on your way.

It’s gentle, does not provide any irritation, and is extremely popular among those who use this solution for their contact lenses. The solution also retains moisture for enhanced comfort and is the number one recommended contact solution for contact lenses.

With this product you get something that cleans, rinses, reconditions, disinfects, and stores well.

Next up we have the wonderful and unique Clear Care No Rub Cleaning and Disinfecting Solution.

We especially like this solution because it actually visually shows you how it cleans your contact lenses. This happens because it actually contains 3% hydrogen peroxide, which means that it actually bubbles when it’s cleaning your lenses. The little bubbles mean that it’s breaking down and removing the protein from your lenses, and it rinses clean off so you can wear your lenses comfortably longer.

It also does a fantastic job of cleaning and disinfecting, it has absolutely no preservatives, and offers exclusive HydraGlyde for long–lasting moisture. No matter how dry or sensitive your eyes are, this is a solution that will easily work for you.

If you would prefer something that uses heat cleaning to cleanse your lenses, then the Unisol 4 Preservative Free Saline Solution is a great choice. You use this to rinse before and after that process to cleanse and protect the lenses.

The product is completely free of any preservatives, which means that there is less of a chance for any eye irritation. However, that also means that you should discard the bottle only 30 days after you open it, no matter what is left inside of it.

The Unisol 4 Preservative Free Saline Solution also doesn’t have any nozzles or propellants, it comes in easy to squeeze bottles that aren’t unnecessarily complicated. It also has the same pH as natural tears for superior comfort.

Menicon Unique pH Multi-Purpose Solution Plus RGP Lens Case, ONE 4...
  • Same trusted OPTI-FREE GP formula
  • Convenient, one bottle multi-purpose solution
  • Provides an alternative to PHMB preserved solutions

If you are someone who wears rigid gas permeable contact lenses, this is definitely a fantastic option to try out. It actually combines the rinsing, cleaning, and storage solutions all in one bottle, and it is made to specifically mimic your own tears, so you won’t dry or irritate your eyes.

You won’t need any sort of separate daily cleaner, since this product is an all-in-one option. The solution also adjusts to your eye’s natural tear pH to enhance the wettability and comfort of the rigid gas permeable contact lenses upon insertion. The formula the company uses is specifically designed to provide a soothing effect during the times you are wearing the contact lenses.

This product also contains antimicrobial agents which destroy harmful microorganisms (which are germs) commonly found on the surfaces of lenses.

Another aspect that we love about the Unique PH Multi Purpose Solution is that it is guaranteed. This means that if you are dissatisfied with the product at all, you can return it for a full refund.

Clear Conscience Multi Purpose Solution for Soft Contact Lenses, 12...
  • Finally, a Multi-Purpose Solution for soft (hydrophilic) contact lenses that is cruelty-free, thimerosal-free,...
  • Clear Conscience
  • Packaged in 12 Ounce . (355ml) recyclable spill-proof plastic bottles

The awesome multi purpose formula from Clear Conscience is FDA approved and has been certified to be free of most of the chemicals that you would find in solutions offered by a lot of other brands.

This solution reduces lipid deposits, and can be used for rinsing, storing, and cleaning almost any type of contact lens.

The only downside that was mentioned in customer online reviews was that some eyes were left feeling dry after using the product. It was mostly those who already experienced that symptom, so keep that in mind before purchasing the item.

Last but not least we have the Sensitive Eyes Saline Solution for Soft Contact Lenses. This is the absolute perfect and ideal contact solution for contact lens wearers with more sensitive eyes. It is sterile and extremely gentle, and has absolutely no potassium, which some contact lens wearers find irritating.

One thing to keep in mind however, is that it does not have an extremely long shelf life. Be very aware of the expiration date, and make sure to throw it away when it expires. Because there are no preservatives in this solution, it won’t keep forever.

​Buyer’s Guide

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Now that we have looked at our favorite options for the best contact solutions, let’s consider what aspects you should look at before making your final choice for your purchase.

One thing to consider is that even though all of these options are under 20 dollars, they all do vary in price slightly. You should have a set price in mind that you can’t go over to eliminate options. You should also consider how much product you get with the price you are paying, to make sure you are getting the best deal and value. Once you have the price set in your mind, you will be able to easily narrow down your options.

Also consider the sensitivity of your eyes. Some items are made for more sensitive and/or dry eyes, which will ensure that you don’t experience any discomfort or issues with the contact solution you choose. Something else to consider that goes hand in hand with this, is to make sure you are using the correct type of solution for the type of contact lenses you have. Some are only meant for certain kinds, while others can be used with any type of contact solution.

We hope that this list of our absolute favorite best contact solution options under $20 were helpful to your search. No matter what type of eyes or contacts you have, or what your price range is, we are sure that there is an amazing contact lens solution for you on this list.

Which item on the list are you the most excited to try out? If you have used one of these products before, what did you like or dislike about it?

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