Our eyes are often called “the window to the soul.” But what about when your eyes are causing you discomfort, making you want to sleep until the pain goes away? Surely, your eyes can’t show anyone the beauty of your soul when they are in pain.

Figuring out how to relieve eye pain can be tricky. But for pain relief, you can begin by using a warm compress on your eye. You can buy a compress from the store, or you can make one easily from materials you likely have at your home already. In as few as five steps, you will be on your way to being pain-free.


What Is a Warm Compress? 

Warm compresses are used to relieve pain, discomfort, or irritation on various areas of your body. Typically a warm compress is used for chronic muscle pain, rather than a specific or one-time pain. However, with eye pain, warm compresses are good for relieving temporary discomfort caused by dryness, irritation, or redness.

When making your own compress, it is important to be aware of the temperature. Test your homemade compress on a sensitive area of your arm (inside wrist) before using it on the pain-affected area. Your compress should feel calmingly warm, rather than burning hot. If it is too hot, simply give it a few minutes to cool down, and then test the temperature again. Once the temperature feels more relaxing, your compress is ready to use.


Making Your Warm Compress

Depending on the materials you have on hand, there are a few various options you have when making a warm compress. Here you will learn two different ways to make a compress, beginning with the more extensive method, and then moving on to the simpler method.


A Fragrant Warm Compress

This type of compress is great for headaches and soothing your mind while it relaxes the sore area it is on. You will begin by gathering the materials you need: a tube sock, some sort of uncooked small grain (rice, beans, or oats), and a spice or oil for fragrance. Suggestions for excellent fragrances include peppermint, cinnamon, lavender, or chamomile.

Next, fill the tube sock with the rice, beans, or oats. Depending on how full you want the compress, you can fill it to the halfway point or to ¾ full. Leave enough of the sock available to tie a knot for a temporary compress. While filling the sock with the grains or beans, add small amounts of the fragrance to the sock. Your compress will emanate a relaxing scent from top to bottom.

After filling the sock, seal it so none of the insides escape. You can choose to tie a knot on the sock at the end. A second option is to sew the sock for permanent compress use. Keep in mind that sealing the compress close to the contents will lead to a hard compress, while leaving some space will create a loose compress that is easy to reshape.

Finally, heat your compress in the microwave for no more than 30 seconds. After this time, take out the compress and test the heat. If it is too cold, try heating for 10 more seconds. Too warm? Just give the compress a couple minutes to cool down.

Before using this compress, place something between your eyes and the compress. You will prevent any chance of burning the sensitive skin around your eyes or creating additional discomfort through this extra protection. You may use this method for figuring out how to create a hot compress, as well as this warm version.


Quick and Easy Compress

The second type of warm eye compress you will learn to make is much simpler. As long as you have a washcloth at home, you are ready to go.

First, wash your hands to avoid the transfer of bacteria from your hands to the compress that will go directly on your eye. Once you’ve washed your hands, fold a soft and clean washcloth in thirds.

Fill a bowl with lukewarm water, and place the washcloth in the bowl. Let the washcloth become wet before you take it out of the bowl.

Finally, wring out your washcloth. You may either stand or lay down when you gently lay this compress over your eyes. To maintain warmth in this method, you may need to resubmerge your washcloth into the bowl of water. Reapply the compress as needed, but do not exceed five minutes of use at a time.

Armed with these methods to make warm compresses, your pain or irritation will be eased in a matter of minutes! Regardless of which type of compress you choose to make, keep the compress clean to avoid any possibility of infection or bacterial growth. By keeping your warm compress clean, you can stay healthier and avoid more discomfort.

And if you don’t feel like making it, you can always buy purchase a warm compress on Amazon 🙂

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